Large Landscape Boulders


Large landscape boulders


* Boulders are difficult to estimate. All sizes, weights, and sales quotes are approximate.
* Customers buying “You-Pick” boulders are doing so at their own risk.
* Dumping boulders WILL CAUSE DAMAGE. We recommend dumping in a “soft” area rather than on hard pavement.
* To prevent damage during dumping, larger boulders may REQUIRE a forklift delivery.
* For safety & insurance reasons, WE DO NOT INSTALL BOULDERS. If we deliver boulders with a Forklift, we will gladly place them as close to the area as our machine can fit, however, we are a delivery service, not an installation service.

Price is .19 per pound.  We have a state certified scale on site.

Need installation? Please call the office for details 313.472.5509

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