Icinator Premium is comprised of pure sodium chloride that is uniformly infused with calcium chloride. The product is further screened to a uniform ¼” size to enable a uniform melting rate when applied. 100% of the granule is effective to melt down to –22F (-30 0 C). Icinator Premium will melt 18% more ice versus rock salt at 14F. 88% more ice at –4 C and 100% more ice at –22 F Testing was performed using Method SHRP H-205.2. The product will not leave any insolubles or smelly residue. Its unique structure and composition prevents the product from tracking.

  • Upcycled Icinated Salt
  • A scientifcally engineered formula to meet different market demands
  • Manufactured for consistent size & uniformity
  • Infused with calcium and magnesium
  • Our product is homogenous, not coated or blended
  • 3 bag min for delivery